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About Us

Red Patang offers India-inspired products that are unique, fun and at great value.  We offer Amar Chitra Katha, Chumbak, Jhola Co, Gnaana and many other brands covering comics and other books, toys, games, clothing for children, Indian language learning materials, magnets, keychains and other fun items on our website.

We started RedPatang.com when we were looking for kurtas (Indian shirts) and Indian-themed books for our little girl.  We quickly found that they were either hard to find, shipping was expensive or took 3 to 4 weeks to get it.  We loooked a little more and found that almost no one was doing a great job at promoting Indian culture and art in the US.  So RedPatang.com was born...

The word “Patang” means kite in Hindi and many other Indian languages.  To us, it brings back nostalgic memories of home and symbolizes a favorite childhood pastime in India. Why red?….umm…its just cool!  The logo is an Indian fighter kite (note the triangular tail, other kites have a stringy tail). 

Our philosophy is and always will be “if we don’t want it –we won’t offer it!”


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