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Adventures Of Krishna (Amar Chitra Katha) (3 in 1 comics)


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Product Description

Bound set of 3 comics includes the following titles:
  • Krishna and Narakasura (522)
  • Krishna and Jarasandha (518)
  • Krishna and the False Vaasudeva (639)
Krishna and Narakasura: Narakasura was a vicious tyrant who subdued the gods, brought away their tusked elephants, sixteen thousand maidens and jewels from the earrings of the God-Mother. The chief of gods approached Krishna for help. Krishna with his wife, rode Garuda (the eagle) and went over obstacles of water, fire and wind to Narkasura's city-gate guarded by a five-headed demon. With his whirling wheel-discus and piercing arrows, Krishna killed the guard and other demons and finally Narakasura himself. This is the story of why the first of four days of Diwali - the Festival of Lights is named after Naraka!

Krishna and Jarasandha: The Yadava tribe fled to distant Dwaraka to escape the wrath of the mighty Jarasandha, the ruler of Magadha. This king, whose very name made the strong quake, had to be subdued if the Pandavas were to establish their supremacy in the area. Only their cousin Krishna, a Yadava hero, could help them, and this is the tale of his triumph.

Krishna and the False Vaasudeva: Paundraka Vasudeva had his name common with that of Krishna Vaasudeva. His sycophants led him to believe that he was as strong and powerful as Krishna. How he fell into disgrace and disaster is told in this story based on the Bhagawat Purana.
96 pages
ISBN: 9788184820652

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