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Stories of Krishna (Amar Chitra Katha) (5 in 1 comics)

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Product Description

Stories of Krishna (1001) - 5 in 1 Hardbound set includes:

  • Krishna (501): Kamsa occupied the throne of Mathura and thought he was unstoppable. But there was a divine prophecy that said Kamsa would meet his end at the hands of the eighth child of Devaki, Krishna.  This comic is also available as a single on Redpatang.com. 
  • Krishna and Rukmini (516): The popular Indian hero Krishna's marriage was as exciting an event as so many others in his life. It is a popular lovers' tale, rather unique in India. Marriages in India have traditionally been set by parents. However, princely families sometimes held bride's choice contests. ‘In the case of Rukmini, daughter of the king of Vidarbha, her father and brother had settled on Shishupala, whom she detested.’ Her mind was set on Krishna of whose exploits she had heard. But there was to be no bride's choice event. So Rukmini takes the initiative by writing a letter to Krishna and sends it through a confidant. Krishna who also had heard of her, decides to act on the letter. Krishna and Balarama arrive in Rukmini's town and whisk her away on their chariot to their capital Dvaraka. Balarama fights Shishupala and defeats him.
  • The Symantaka Gem (591)The Syamantaka Gem was an ornament of the Sun God. It was a magical charm which had strange effects on its possessor. It did good to a virtuous person and bad to an evil one. When Surya, pleased with his devotee, Prince Satrajit, bestowed the gem on him, no one foresaw the violent upheavals it would cause, least of all the prince himself. Satrajit gave the gem to his brother, Prasena, who was killed by a lion. Jambava, king of the bears, killed the lion and carried the gem away. Since Krishna had admired the gem, he was suspected of having stolen it. To save his honour, Krishna went on a desperate gem hunt into the jungle. The adventures that follow make interesting reading and are narrated in this book, based on the version that appears in the Bhagwat Purana. It is said that Krishna had looked at the moon on Chaturthi (the fourth day after the full moon) and soon after was accused of having stolen the gem. To this day, the superstitious will not look at the moon on Chaturthi, lest they be accused of theft.
  • Krishna and Jarasandha (518)The Yadava tribe fled to distant Dwaraka to escape the wrath of the mighty Jarasandha, the ruler of Magadha. This king, whose very name made the strong quake, had to be subdued if the Pandavas were to establish their supremacy in the area. Only their cousin Krishna, a Yadava hero, could help them, and this is the tale of his triumph.
  • Krishna and Narakasura (522):  Narakasura was a vicious tyrant who subdued the gods, brought away their tusked elephants, sixteen thousand maidens and jewels from the earrings of the God-Mother. The chief of gods approached Krishna for help. Krishna with his wife, rode Garuda (the eagle) and went over obstacles of water, fire and wind to Narkasura's city-gate guarded by a five-headed demon. With his whirling wheel-discus and piercing arrows, Krishna killed the guard and other demons and finally Narakasura himself. This is the story of why the first of four days of Diwali - the Festival of Lights is named after Naraka!


ISBN: 9788189999186


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