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Tales Of Giants And Demons (Amar Chitra Katha) (5 in 1 comics)

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Product Description

Hardbound set of 5 comics includes the following titles:

  • The Lord of Lanka (541)

  • Ravana Humbled (610)

  • Mahiravana (526)

  • Kumbhakarna (528) 

  • Ghatotkacha (592)

They broke rules and created chaos. But not all the giants and demons in Indian mythology can be called evil. Ravana, the king of Lanka, was proud, lustful and ruthless. Yet, he was an intellectual, an accomplished dancer and one of Shiva's greatest devotees. Mahiravana, son of Ravana and king of the netherworld, was a magician who managed to dupe the ever vigilant Hanuman and kidnap Rama and Lakshmana. Kumbhakarna, the sleeping giant, rallied to his brother Ravana's support and sacrificed his life. And Ghatotkacha, son of the demoness Hidimba, was an obedient and dutiful son to his father, Bheema, the Pandava prince.

The Lord of Lanka: Ambition and arrogance - these were to be the cause of Ravana's downfall. Blessed by both Brahma the creator and Shiva the destroyer, the powerful ruler of Lanka could have enjoyed fame and respect had he only reined in his arrogance. It was left to Vishnu the preserver to find a way to curb Ravana. In the process, there unfolded one of the world's most beautiful romantic sagas - the story of Rama's love for his devoted Sita.

Ravana Humbled: The three stories retold in this Chitra Katha anticipate in a sense, the tragedy that was to strike Ravana, the Rakshasa king, when he abducted Sita and took on an adversary like Rama. Ravana failed to learn the lessons of humility from these early confrontations. These encounters are significant as one is on the divine level, another on the human and a third on the simian. It is, however, to Ravana's credit that he came out unscathed in each of these encounters, richer in alliances and friendships.

Mahiravana: When his rakshasa army was destroyed in the battle against Rama, the prince of Ayodhya, Ravana, the Lord of Lanka, called for his son Mahiravana, a powerful magician. Would he succeed in killing the noble Rama and Lakshmana? Not while Hanuman was around, for this faithful friend had a trick or two of his own. The Bengali "Krittivasa Ramayana" written by poet Krittivasa in the 15th century describes how Hanuman manages to get around the wily sorcerer's schemes.

Kumbhakarna: The only way Kumbhakarna could be kept out of mischief was to make him sleep twenty-four hours a day! Nothing would rouse this hulking ogre - not the trumpeting and trampling of elephants, not the deafening din of drums, and certainly not a rain of rocks. But when the aroma of fresh cooking wafted across his nose, he was up in a trice! However, that mightiest of warriors - Rama of Ayodhya - was lying in wait.

Ghatotkacha: Ghatotkacha was one of the finest characters in the Mahabharata - affectionate and kind, even though he was a Rakshasa. Perhaps that was because he was only half Rakshasa as the son of Bheema and the Rakshasi Hidimbaa. From his mother he learnt all the arts of the Rakshasas; from his father he inherited an affectionate and chivalrous temperament. He was an invaluable ally to the Pandavas in times of trouble - he appeared before them whenever they thought of him. The theme of Vatsala's wedding, very popular in South India, is much exploited in ballads and stories. It was Ghatotkacha, who with his Rakshasa hordes and their magical powers made the wedding of Abhimanyu and Vatsala possible. This story is not found in the Mahabharata or in Sanskrit literature. It seems to have evolved at a much later date, as a legend in Telegu and Kannada. The exponents of the art of Harikatha count this story as the most popular one in their repertoire and it has been handed down by word of mouth for generations. This Amar Chitra Katha is derived partly from the Mahabharata and partly from legend.


160 pages

ISBN: 9788184823837

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