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Heroes To Be Remembered (Amar Chitra Katha) (3 in 1 comics)


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Product Description

Bound set of 3 comics includes the following titles:
  • Hemu (765)
  • Paurava and Alexander (640)
  • Baladitya & Yashodharma (717)
Hemu: Brilliant Strategist, Shrewd Statesman Born in the small town of Rewari, in present-day Haryana, Hemu, a grocer's son, had ambitions that took him beyond his world into the realm of politics, intrigue and war. An ambition that made him Emperor of Delhi. Hemu's rise to power is a fascinating story. He relied entirely on his own intelligence and intuition. He had to contend with political scheming and treachery in the courts of Sher Shah Suri, Islam Shah and finally Adil Shah. With Humayun and then Akbar making a bid to regain the throne of Delhi, it was up to Hemu to defend it.
Paurava and Alexander: When Alexander, the great Macedonian conqueror, invaded India in 327 B.C., the various kingdoms and republics of the North-West failed to forge a united front against the common enemy. Some rulers, like Ambhi, submitted without resistance, while others, like Paurava and the chief of Massaga, refused to bow to Alexander even when defeat seemed certain. Although Alexander met his match in King Paurava, he managed to overpower him. Alexander was also helped by the weather: the heavy rain on the day before the battle had made the earth wet, so that Paurava's able archers found it difficult to rest their bows on the slippery ground. Nineteen Greek writers, who either accompanied Alexander or visited India soon after the invasion, wrote accounts of Alexander's march. Based on these early records Arrian (1st century A.D.) wrote his biography of the Macedonian conqueror. This and other works by Curtius, Diodoros, Plutarch and Justin describe Alexander's invasion, but there is no detailed Indian source to which we can turn. It is, therefore, difficult to trace Alexander's movements in India with precision or to identify the tribes he encountered in the course of his arduous march.
Baladitya & Yashodharma: Towards the middle of the 5th Century AD, a section of the Hunas - a nomadic tribe from Central Asia, occupied Gandhara, which is modern-day Afghanistan. Skanda Gupta, the able ruler of Magadha, successfully prevented them from advancing any further.After his death, the Hunas, under the leadership of Toramana and his son Mihirakula, renewed their attack. In the beginning of the 6th Century AD, they established their rule over the territories that are known today as Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana and Kashmir.Narasimha Gupta Baladitya, the ruler of Magadha, was obliged to pay tribute to the Hunas even as he witnessed their atrocities. He decided to stand up to Mihirakula, the ruthless Huna chief. What followed thereafter is described in this Amar Chitra Katha title.  
96 pages
ISBN: 9788184823806

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